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Blood tests can be required for any number of different reasons and are one of the most common forms of medical testing. We offer more than 1,000 types of blood tests to help you take charge of your health.

You might also require a blood test to work abroad or work in certain sectors that require a health workup before you take up a position. If you have concerns about your health or require blood tests for work abroad or in the healthcare sector, we offer a wide range of testing services which are affordable, accurate, and completely confidential. Our no-wait private service ensures that you receive the reassurance or information you require in a much smaller time frame than if you go through the NHS.

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No, you do not need a referral letter for a private blood test. We see patients without referral letters from a GP or other health professionals, but we can send your results to your GP for ongoing treatment after the test is complete at your request.

Using a private medical service does not exclude you from using NHS services in the future.

Whilst you can book straight in for specific blood tests without seeing one of our GPs first, we recommend booking a GP consultation if you are unsure which blood tests you need.

Please note if you wish to discuss your blood test results once you have received them, you will need to book a GP consultation.

A blood test is done by taking a blood sample from a blood vessel in your arm, usually on the inside of your elbow or wrist because the veins are closer to the surface and easier to access.

A tight band is tied around the upper arm to temporarily slow down blood, causing the vein to swell and making it easier to find the vein and take the sample.

The healthcare professional taking your blood will clean the area before using a very thin needle and syringe to draw out the right amount of blood. When the needle is inserted you may feel a scratch or pricking sensation, but it shouldn’t feel painful. If you are scared of needles or blood, or if you are uncertain of the procedure you can speak to us and we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. Even if you are having multiple tests, only one needle will need to be inserted.

After the test you should feel fine and be able to go about your day as normal. Some people do feel slightly dizzy or faint but this will pass quickly. You might have slight bruising where the needle entered but it’s nothing to worry about and will fade over a few days.

To learn more about blood tests, please visit the NHS Blood Tests page.

Booking your Private Blood Test is easy, simply book online using our online booking portal, enquire online, contact us on or call our booking team on 0141 7373 289.

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